Before you come, please gather the following supplies: 

  • Looseleaf or printer paper
  • Staff paper (no more than 8 staves per page)
  • A pencil
  • Tote bag dedicated to your piano supplies

You must have these at every lesson, along with any music or worksheets that we are working on.

Staff paper can be printed for free from  Simply click on the link, select the "no clef" option, adjust the scale to 2, and select the print option.  Make sure to print between 10-20 pages and to print more when you run out.  It will be used at nearly every lesson.

For younger students, this larger sheet music is an option (download below):

preview-10.pdf preview-10.pdf
Size : 52.519 Kb
Type : pdf

After the first lesson, the teacher will recommend what other supplies are needed and procure them for the student, subject to reimbursement for cost.  

Please review the following policies and procedures.  Print a copy and bring to your first lesson, signed by you or a parent.   Also please fill out the Student Info form and submit before first lesson.

Studio_Policies__Procedures_2015.docx.pdf Studio_Policies__Procedures_2015.docx.pdf
Size : 195.464 Kb
Type : pdf

Student Info Form

Preferred method of contact:

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