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TedEd Teaches How to Read Music

Posted by Collin on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, In : Tips 

Just found this really well-done video on how to read music.  I'll definitely be sharing with my students this week!

For children starting out, I tend these days to use the position-method to build reading skills.  For adults, I'm a little more flexible depending on what I think will work best. 

What are your favorite tips and tricks for teaching the basics of music reading?  Comment below!

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Teaching Music History and Appreciation: Chopin

Posted by Collin on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, In : music appreciation 

From time to time, I try to squeeze in something that can often get neglected in weekly lessons - music history and appreciation. It's really a shame that it gets put on the back burner because learning to listen is so vital to music students. Further, time spent studying the works of great composers (and the performances of those works by great pianists) is invaluable in teaching students musicality, variety of interpretation, pianism, as well as performance and stylistic conventions for the...

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