Student Testimonials

"Collin's lessons are diverse, thorough and inspiring. She helped me discover a new passion!"  - Tjeerd

"My teacher's lessons are great and I would absolutely recommend her to people of all ages! As a novice adult, getting over the beginner's hump was tough for me in the past because I would tend to get bored with some of the beginner's material. But once I started taking lessons with PianoTeacherNOLA I quickly saw progress as my teacher was able to not only teach me the fundamentals that every pianist should have but she also kept me excited and motivated by relating all of this to the type of music I was personally interested in as well as catering the lesson to my personal goals and the types of pieces that I was interested in playing. Thanks PianoTeacherNola!!" - Chris

"My teacher is a very interactive teacher even outside of the piano lessons, with emails of worksheets and extra help. I  also think my teacher is very accommodating to my beginning level and how slowly i'm learning. And she is really nice!"  - Dimitry 

"I would never have thought that I would love learning how to play piano this much.  Collin is a very smart, funny, and talented person.  Her lessons are really fun.  I couldn't ask for a better teacher!  - Oceane

"I've been coming to lessons for three months now.  My teacher is patient and very helpful. I have enjoyed advancing to play whole songs."  - Kevin

"Very satisfied with piano lessons, when you decide to learn how to play the piano you want your teacher to be knowledgeable, understanding, and fun. Collin is all three.  If you want to learn how to play the piano at any age then you should call her now to book a class."  - Mike

"Collin is a wonderful piano teacher! I am truly enjoying learning how to read and play music on the piano! Thank You!"  - Jill

"Collin has taught my five-year-old son piano.  She has such a sweet and caring demeanor with him.  Collin not only teaches piano, but also teaches an appreciation for music, especially classical." - Amanda

"By far the best music instructor in New Orleans. She was a great resource and inspiration to my preteen and the lessons are affordable. She adeptly teaches all ages and she is quite music savvy." - Marla

"Deserves a sixth star... [out of five stars]."  - Brian

"Collin has been a great source of inspiration to me. She is welcoming, thoughtful, understanding and most importantly well trained. Having never studied music in any form, I'm impressed by how much I've already accomplished in my short time with her. She is great with adults and I can tell from our interactions she would be great with children as well. I am in the process of leaving New Orleans and doubtful I will find another teacher that will compare. In the interim she has offered online instruction for which I am very grateful. I highly recommend her as a full time instructor but you can see for up yourself. Her initial lesson is more than affordable and the multiple lesson packages she offers are also extremely reasonable." - Emily H.

"I feel very fortunate to study piano and voice with Collin.  She is a very talented musician and singer.  As a teacher, I find her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and helpful. She brings out the best in me.  I recommend her to students of all ages." - Lisa A.